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About Peacepipe Cannabis Co.
About Peace Pipe

At Peace Pipe Cannabis, we love our customers! In fact, the only reason why we are in the cannabis industry is our yearning desire to help people. We want to give back to the community by providing a natural and healthy solution to your medical needs.

Our Nursery

Most of our products are grown in our local nursery and they are both organic and pesticide-free.

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Our Company

Peace Pipe Cannabis Co is an Oklahoma-based, Family-Owned business with a dream of offering the best medical cannabis on the market. We opened our doors in September of 2020 and offer one of the widest varieties of medical marijuana products including flower, concentrates, edibles, drinks and more.

Your Experience

Whether you are a first-time patient or connoisseur, you will appreciate our wide variety of Oklahoman grown cannabis products. Our products provide a concierge-level experience with our knowledgeable bud-tenders that can help match you to the right product.

Peace Pipe Cannabis Online

Browse our entire collection of Flower, Edibles and Concentrates. We offer online ordering to reserve your products and make your later pick-up fast and convenience.

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